Glossary may include inappropriate language

Term Definition Explanation
GS Great Sword
LS Longsword
LHB Long Hafted Blade
AGI Agility
STR Strength
IF Iron Flesh
1h One-Handed Weapon
2h Two-Handed Weapon
Pole Polearm
fagcher Archer
Cav Cavalry
HA Horse Archer
xbow Crossbow
nigger Ban
QQ Crying
Kuyak hero Tryhard noob
Krems Trolling
l2b Learn to block
PS Power Strike
HT Horse Thrower
PS Power Strike
ath Athletics
lp Heirloom Point
MW Masterwork
+0, +1, +2, +3 Number Heirloom Points applied to an item
STF Skip The Fun character
agiwhore Player with high agility
strwhore Player with high strength
Strat Strategus
tincan Player wearing plated armor
Flaggot Avoids combat and takes the flags
Sperg Player who has, or acts like he/she has, Asperger's Syndrome
git gud A motto/insulting retort that encourages one to improve his/her skills
mad cuz bad A term that describes a player that is frustrated due to his/her lack of skills
Bundle of sticks Faggot
EA Electronic Arts. Early Access
GTX'd When somebody reconnects, to reset his/her K/D
To Kapikulu To teamkill
albert Adolf
einstein Hitler
cute puppy swastika
chocolate chip cookie nazi