DTV is a gamemode where you team up with other humans to defend a static NPC, the Virgin, from waves of enemies. Each round contains 3 waves of enemies of a certain types, with the third one including one or more commanders. You earn xp and gold depending on the speed of the victory, the number of players, and the wave that you just defeated. There is no respawning in between waves, only in between rounds, so be careful not to die early, or you will handicap your team.

Tactics Edit

Shieldwall Edit

Shieldwall is a formation where players form a line blocking a certain path. Ideally every other player should have a shield and players between the shielders(aka. slashers) should have two-handed/polearm weapons. Archers can stay safe behind the shieldwall and fire arrows at enemies. Form a shieldwall in tight spaces, where you think bots are going to run.

When being a shielder it's important not to attack bots and only hold the shield(unless you feel safe). Never fall back, even when you see that the shieldwall is failing next to you. Instead, turn a little to the side to protect two-handers that are still alive.

Shieldwall is the main tactic on most of the maps and often the only way to beat the last, difficult rounds.

Cavalry lure Edit

When your team suffered heavy losses and you don't think you can survive the next wave of enemies, try the cavalry lure. Cavalry lure is a tactic where 1-3 cavalry players run around bots dragging them behind making them mostly harmless. Other players can slowly move closer to the botsand attack them one by one or shoot them with bows and crossbows.

This tactic is useful on maps with many balistas during the Order of the Viscount round. The cavalry lures bots around untill they form a blob(yes, it's a technical term), then runs towards the balistas. These bots can be dangerous in melee, but have very low armor, so balistas can kill several bots with one shot.

Charge! Edit

During early waves there is no need to form a shieldwall. Charging at the bots killing them faster can give better results.

Fighting bots Edit

S-keying Edit


Aftermath of successful s-keying.

Used mostly by two-handed/polearm users. Run towards a group of bots. When you see them charging at you, start running backwards and keep a steady distance between you and them. You can now attack them safely and kill them one by one.

Headshoting Edit

When playing as an archer or thrower, find a place where bots run in a straight line. Position yourself on that line at a safe distance. Bots' heads are now somewhat stationary relative to your screen. You can now easily shoot headshots. Use the weakest/fastest bow that can still penetrate their head armor and kill them in one hit.

Enemy list:

Round Enemies Equipment Boss Notes




Peasant equipment


Staves and crossbows

Weren If you are confident in your skills, use light armor to kill peasants quickly and earn higher rewards.
2 Bandits Varied, some mauls. Bows Varric Varric uses high power throw jarids, deadly even with heavy armor.
3 Nomads Maces and shields, lances, and bows. Shik Almost fully mounted. Each new wave has more mounted bots.



Katana, Miaodao and  Shurikens Mylet Mylet has high power throw and throwing proficiency. Beware his throwing knives. Use head armor for safety.
5 Tihr Recruits

Tihr Crossbowmen

Tihr Pikemen

Tihr Men at Arms

Tihr Mounted Sergeants

Varied: balanced mounted/ranged/melee Jacko Jacko has high weapon proficiency in crossbows and can headshot players from very long distances.
6 Guerriere au Buclier


Soeur d'Epee

Varied, Rus Bows Jehanne Many don't have head armor and can be easily killed when hit in the head.
7 Sea Raiders


1h & 2h axes, swords, shields, throwing axes. Archers use longbows with barbed arrows. Serfonz, Leiknir Serfonz uses flamberge, Leiknir strong (throwing-) axes
8 Guardian of the Viscount

Avenger of the Viscount

Order of the Viscount

Great maul, long maul, 2h swords. 1h sword with buckler. No ranged weapons. Innocent Virgin Lightly armoured but crushthrough weapons. No ranged, nearly no head armor.
9 Raiders of Ard-Ghalan Ghalan Khan mounted ranged, blunt melee

Knights of the Mark

Rider of the Mark

Archer of the Mark

Espu balanced mix of ranged, mounted and melee


Men at arms


long bows, mauls, knights use shield and swords Fips Some mounted, ranged with long mauls (crushthrough!)
12 Auxiliary Archers, Spears and Cavalry.

Heavy auxiliaries


board shields, throwing lances, axes, Caesar they use two handed axes in combination with shields, confusing!
13 Outcast Ambushers

Outcast Light Infantry

Outcast Wildling Conscripts

Outcast Shieldbrothers

Outcast Veteran Cavalry

blunt weapons, shields, throwing darts Everkistus heavy cavalry at last wave
14 Vitez heavy armor, bardiches, crossbows Fasader two handed guards with crossbows

Also Bosanski Strazar, but don't remember if boss or just Vitez v2

15 Saracen Infantry

Saracen Archers


Saladin strong cataphracts
16 Shieldmaidens


Thegn's Guards



heavy viking armor, great axes Tydeus extremly strong female vikings, shieldbreaking
17 Engineers Shielders with blunt and piercing weapons. Crossbows Urist Each wave has an increasing number of dangerous crossbowmen.

Landsknecht Crossbowmen

Landsknecht Pikemen

Landsknecht Doppelsoeldner

Landsknecht Reiter


George von Frundsberg very fast mounted, tincan doppelsoldner
19 Sexy Bardiches and crossbows cmp just very strong in both melee and ranged, shieldbreaking


Guardian of Chadz

Piercing weapons, crushthrough, longbows. Chadz + everyone contains pointy accurate archers, fast flamberge spammer, crush through weapon, and all of that covered in tincan armor and 20 ironflesh. Good luck