Name Region Active Description
Sad Hobo Guild EU & NA Yes Smelly clan with small amount of loomed items in armory
Burg Krems EU & NA Yes QGH
The Pixel Paladins EU Yes Founded by Kafein. Currently led by Cock_Blockula. Laid-back, no-strings-attached clan.
Peasants United EU & NA Yes Clan for new players, check it out
Knights Templar/SwordBrothers EU Yes
Grey Order EU & NA Yes
Teutonic Order_TO CHN
Crusaders of Acre NA Yes Crusader Clan plays NA Strategus, accepting NA, EU, SA, CHN players. Emphasis on teamwork and tactics. Always recruiting looking primarily for loyal and dependable soldiers. Current leadership: King Reinhardt, Viceroy Axeman, Prince Mcsanders, Prince Matthew
Druzhina EU & NA Yes
Free Companies of Calradia
Mercenaries EU & NA Yes
Murder Boner
Barabe EU & NA Yes
Vanguard EU & NA Yes
Blood CHN
Kingdom of Northumbria
AmoX EU Official EU tryhard clan. Known for using cheap tricks like spinning around, feinting and macros.
Mossback NA Yes The only regionally exclusive, dedicated hipster roleplay clan in North America
Remnant NA Yes For anyone that can't get enough of Starbucks and Versace
Clan For Fun Yes
Ninja Yes

Libere Equites

1 person with alrs Yes gay and retarded
Polanie EU Yes/No Polish Clan with stronk cav players :3
Shields of North EU Yes 24131th clan from former kapikulu members.
Calradian Confederacy NA Yes shit and terrible clan, we have the most cancerous retarda