Battle Mode (The Queen among the Game Modes ) Edit

General Information: Edit

To be honest there is not such a big difference between the Battle Mode in cRPG and Native. As in Native it's a bunch of players attacking eachother and trying to kill as many enemies as possible. But then you will face one of the biggest differences during the round. The most newbies will suspect to buy their equipment in the beginning of the round. But suddenly they are not able to select any items. (therefore check "How do I get Equipment") You will also have to level your character and decide between a strength,agility or balanced built. To earn experience and gold you will have to play as good as possible and help your team to win the round. For winning a round your team and you will receive a multiplicator from x1 to x5 which concerns the amout of experience and gold you will get.

How do I get equipment? Edit

Many people who start to play cRPG are wondering where to get their armors and weapons from. Therefore you will have to register yourself on where you will be able to buy equipment, join a clan and ask others for help. One personal typ of mine is to start with a medium armor due to the fact that repairing your equipment will be really expensive in the beginning.